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About Jane



You've decided to get your idea off the ground and turn it into a profitable business!


Now what? You have the product or idea, and now how do you take it to market and grow?


And as you start at the beginning you think, "oh my" this is a little more complicated than I thought if I want to actually make money!!! So you quickly realize you need some help, technical answers, support, inspiration and knowledge about what you need to do next.


In fact you may come to the conclusion that you "don't know what you don't know".


When you've never started a product based business or for that matter any business there are so many questions, concerns and issues that pop into your brain - they did mine when I first started. I mean I didn't even know what cash flow meant!



And if you're already in business and find you're not getting the growth you want or are stuck - you need clarity and direction to get you to the next level.


Now you can literally take years off the learning curve by working with an expert who has already been through the process that you're going through right now. Save time by getting you through the hurdles of your business means you get results faster which means you make a profit faster; you have a life; and you create the business of your dreams doing what you love - instead of struggling to make it work.


What you want is to be working on your business not necessarily in it. I can help you make it happen faster than if you were on your own. I give you the expertise you need to make your business work for you NOW.


Jane Button knows the product industry and is a no nonsense consultant and coach who helps people start-up, grow or accelerate product businesses.


"Everything starts with an idea and then you implement like crazy without going down rabbit holes!" If you want to see your apparel, fashion, children's, home, accessories, lifestyle or jewelry ideas on the shelves and in the hands of consumers, Jane keeps you on track and on target with step by step strategies, accountability and momentum.


After turning her own cottage industry into a multi 7 figure business, Jane is passionate about helping others turn their ideas into reality do the same. When you don't know what you don't know, Jane is there seeing the things you don't. "The product" is the tip of the iceberg and that's where Jane's 25 plus years of experience in product development, pricing for profit, sales & marketing, manufacturing, and merchandising come in. Jane helps her clients save time and money getting products to market fast and on time.


"When you've got a great idea for a product, nothing happens until you take action going from the design concept to the marketplace. I help creative entrepreneurs and designers so they don't waste precious time, energy and money! " says Jane Button, creative product consultant & coach.


Jane Button has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs turn their creative "BIG IDEA" into the business of their dreams.


Calling herself a "born entrepreneur" Jane's first company started in her basement as a cottage industry and went to a National Brand name and multi-million dollar corporation. When creative business owners began asking for her advice, Jane started her freelance design, consulting & coaching business. 


Jane loves the freedom and opportunity that comes with being an entrepreneur and is a champion for creative entrepreneurs. She has coached and consulted with thousands of creative entrepreneurs who have a burning desire to create their own product business.


She has created and manufactured private label products  The Pleasant Company (now known as AMERICAN GIRL®); and had a license agreement with Disney ®. Her products have been sold in Nordstrom, Bloomindales, Neiman Marcus, Dillards, Costco, along with numerous catalogs, specialty boutiques and other department stores.


Understanding the component parts of product businesses: product development; manufacturing, sales & marketing, pricing and design is the key to Jane's success with her clients. Because Jane does not believe in the "starving artist" concept she teaches and empowers creative people to profit from their creative products.




Barbara Wright Sykes

Author of The Business of Sewing and Pricing Without Fear


"Jane Ambrose Button is multi-talented: she is a business consultant specializing in creative product development, production, merchandising, pricing, costing, sales and marketing."







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