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(Fast Track) CREATIVE EDGE MASTERMIND (includes one on one coaching)



You're  zigzagging and back tracking and sick and tired of not making the progress and money you'd like. Now is the time to up your game, get on the fast track and stop it with the trial and error with a plan and accountability!

You're ready to fast track to the next level - ready to hit mid 5 to 6 figures. And you need help from someone who's had success with products - who understands the industry, the timing, the sales, the marketing, how things work, how to launch, how to manufacture and how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be, start here (limited to just qualified members).

(fast track)  CREATIVE EDGE MASTERMIND                                     




PLATINUM MASTERMIND (includes one on one coaching)

PLATINUM VIP MASTERMIND (includes one on one coaching - VIP Days and other perks)


You're passionate about your business and it's time for serious action and growth! Maybe you're adding new lines,  expanding into unknown territory and need a strategy to get to that 6 or 7 figure business. Together we will create a complete strategy and game plan and then follow it through!


What would your life be like it you turned your product idea into a 6 or even 7 figure business? Though you may know about business and you may have products, the real question is how are you positioning the business and your brand? Are you getting your products into the right stores or markets? Do you know how to pitch your products to buyers, investors and media? There are 7 component parts of a product business and you'll work on all the parts.

We'll strategize on one on one calls and meet once a quarter as a mastermind group to work on your business and learn. The group masterminds are where the magic happens!


VIP Level: Includes 2 VIP Days during the 12 months and more!


This is for you if you want to invest in yourself and your business and GO BEYOND to play a bigger game. It's time to make it happen...(limited to just 8 members)










For those who desire individual attention — or confidentiality in your working arrangement — Jane does occasional VIP private consulting days for qualified applicants. Several pre-requisites apply.


What if you could make a massive leap in your business in just one day?  In just one day of focusing intensely on your business you can break through barriers that have been holding you back - and create a strategy for growth, sales and development.


Imagine cutting off months of trial and error, having a custom tailored action plan you can follow and eliminating obstacles standing in your way. In just a day we'll create the ultimate master plan for your success.


That's the power of a VIP day with Jane, showing you the best ways to make more money faster and eliminate what is not working.


Spend an entire day with Jane "ONE-ON-ONE". We'll work together defining your target market, creating your yearly schedule with product launches, sales and marketing strategies, production schedules and creative strategies so you can be working on your business instead of in it.


We'll fill in the gaps in your current company. And if you are just starting your business, this is the perfect way to get jump started  turning your creative ideas into a profitable business. You'll walk away with a complete plan for all areas of your business in just one day! 


Opt for a half day or a full day. Please send an email to janebutton@design2marketsuccess.com with VIP in the subject line to request further information.

























"My launch was a completely overwhelming task just a few months ago. Now? Still a little scary - anything really important better be, right? But overwhelming? Nope.


I feel like I have a co-pilot. I'm flying the plane, but someone who knows the equipment is right next to me in case something goes wrong.


Thanks for having my back Jane!"


Stefanie Somers

Stefanie Somers Collection





"Jane Button has been a ‘breath of fresh air’ for my business Culturally Yours Inc. ...She is a wealth of information and provides guidance not simply based upon what she ‘thinks’ but by what she ‘knows and has put into practice for herself.” 


Jane has created a springboard for success…..built for entrepreneurs willing to take the plunge! I am so glad that I did!!


Thank you Jane for being YOU."

Rhonda Willingham


CEO/Designer Culturally  Yours Inc.Home of the Sista Girl Card












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