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I HELP PRODUCT BASED BUSINESSĀ OWNERS start, leverage, scale & create profitable brands

Jane Button Business Coach & Consultant for Product-Based Business Owners

You dream of seeing your products on the shelves of your favorite stores, on the pages of your favorite magazines and being endorsed on Instagram and Pinterest by celebrities.

But how do you get there?

How do you take the products that you create on your kitchen table or in your tiny rented work space and get them in front of buyers and merchandisers and build a recognizable brand?

Within months of starting my handmade business my products were being stocked on the shelves of Nordstrom - if I can make that happen, so can you!

After nearly two decades of running all aspects of a multi-million-dollar product-based business, I have the experience and the connections to help you leverage and scale your product-based business.

Let me show you how.

I’m Jane Button and I’m about to show you how to establish structures, systems and processes in your creative product business that will allow you to do less and achieve way more. 

Whether you work with me one-on-one or enroll in one of my small group coaching programs, I’ll help you create a next-level vision for your business and build the strategic business plan to match.

You bring your work ethic and a willingness to whatever it takes to achieve your goals…

I’ll bring my 20+ years as a product designer, manufacturer, marketer, wholesale distributor and licensee.

And together we’ll elevate your creative product business and build a recognizable brand.


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Group of designers, makers and artisans in various stages of growing their product businesses. Ask Questions; Blueprints; Challenges; Inspiration; Strategies and more!


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